Quality through time.


How we came of age.

Every journey is a transition. From childhood to adulthood, from innocence to knowledge. Every life stage equally important. Every step forward a new experience. Age recognises that every journey is a search for authenticity. That every age has its own milestones – in what you eat, where you meet and what you expect. But no matter what your age, quality is the red line that unites one generation to the next.

Every age has its own unique tastes. The unpredictability of youth, the patience of age. The importance of craftsmanship and the independence to explore the unknown. Age brings all these qualities together. An epiphany of the senses for every life stage. A culinary sanctuary unencumbered by time.

Age. Quality through time

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A grill
for all seasons

Timeless classics packed with depth of flavour and the seared, savoury taste of the grill. Our chefs cook succulent cuts of the finest meat and the freshest seafood in our world-renowned Josper charcoal oven, creating tender aromatic delights. 

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A wine
for all occasions

More than 350 celebrated labels lie in store in our glass wine cellar. From terroirs of Old to New World vines. A voyage of discovery expertly curated by our professional sommelier. Embracing vintage favourites and exploratory palates, our diverse grapes await.

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A spirit
for all senses

Skilfully crafted to ignite taste buds and invigorate the mind. Twisted classics, infused spirits and elegantly aged cocktails. Blending flavour with time, experience the quality of our signature drinks adeptly designed by our in-house mixologist. 

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A time
for maturity

A climate-controlled dry ageing process gives texture and aroma to our select cuts of meat. Delicately cured seafood, condiments and gastronomic accoutrements, from cheese to truffles, pair with delectable cold cuts hung in the charcuterie room. age is the endgame.

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Age Restaurant

168 Moo 6 Layan Beach Soi 4 Cherngtalay Thalang

A team set up to succeed



Wine Guru

Khun Snow, Supawat Jantabubpa, the wine guru at Age restaurant. With an unwavering passion for all things wine and beverage-related, he goes above and beyond to share his extensive knowledge with guests, ensuring they have the most exceptional dining experience. Khun Snow expertly pairs the finest quality meats with tantalizing wines, guaranteeing an unforgettable culinary journey at Age restaurant.

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Teehphob Prognsantia, Khun Tong, an experienced sommelier with a passion for wine, discovered his love for this fine beverage at the age of 18. Since then, his wine journey has taken him on an exciting path of exploration and growth. Khun Tong has developed a deep affection for wine and a strong determination to continually learn more about it. What sets Khun Tong apart is not just his personal journey into the world of wine, but also his genuine desire to share its captivating stories. He finds joy in enhancing others' dining experiences by recommending the perfect wine pairings and illuminating their understanding of wine's intricacies. With his wealth of knowledge and infectious enthusiasm, Khun Tong is not only a sommelier but also a storytelling aficionado, weaving the tales of wine into every moment shared at the dining table.

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Pandolfo Testino

Head Chef

Chef Nicola Pandolfo Testino was born in Monza, Italy. He discovered his love of cooking from his mother and holds dear the many memories of working in the kitchen alongside her helping to prepare meals for their family. Nicola started his professional career as a cook apprentice at Parc Hotel Suites Germano, in Bardolino, Italy. Then he worked in several restaurants in Italy achieving Sous Chef status of Ristorante Sissi, an acclaimed Michelin Star restaurant in Merano. Seeking more diverse work experience, Nicola set his sights abroad working his way up through highly acclaimed restaurants around the world, such as Upper East Side in Bondi, Australia, two-hatted Aria restaurant in Sydney and more lately at Ristorante Portobuso in Grado, Italy as Head Chef, to name but a few. Deeply passionate about food, Nicola delivers modern grill house dishes that celebrate the very best produce, sourced from Thailand and the worlds most respected farmers and artisans.

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